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Daily News Online – A rich heritage to live up to! Organizational values are the foundation stones on which the organization’s image is built. These help the company realize its organizational goals and in turn transform lives. These values are intended to infuse an infectious energy, professionalism and a sense of true empowerment to the workplace. These values define our philosophy of operations, guide our important decisions and determine our commitment and achievement.

The values personified by Daily News Online are:

  • Courage
    To encourage the ability that meets opposition with skill, competence and fortitude.
  • Responsibility
    Be accountable for results in line with the company’s objectives, strategies and values.
  • Empowerment
    Support our people and give them the freedom to perform and to provide our readers with information to influence their environment.
  • Continuous Self Renewal
    Determination to constantly re-examine and re-invent ourselves for further innovation and creativity.
  • People Centric
    People are our greatest asset. We invest in them expect a lot and know that the rest will follow


Daily news online strives to be a visionary organization and not an organization with a vision. In our endeavour to have a shared understanding, alignment and commitment, we have derived our company’s vision that sets the course and empowers people to take action.

Our Team

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National Correspondent

Rampal Prasad

State Head, Bihar

Mukul Kumar

Devendra Gautam

State Head, Jharkhand

Rambabu Upadhyay

Bureau Chief Etah

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State Head, W.B

Vishnu Anand

Wasim Akram

Nisha Suri

Sr. Correspondent

Jitendra Kumar Sinha

Sandeep Thakur